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b'LiTZ born from the mother brand LiTZ have an extraordinary heritage that stretches back over 3 decades insisting on providing a range of unprecedented designs using exceptional craftsmanship. In b'LiTZ, we believe that momentous moments such as engagement & marriage or anniversary & birth of a new life can be tailored and crafted into every piece of unprecedented jewelry meticulously to express and celebrate such events.

b'LiTZ symbolizes infinity and everlasting, of that the timepiece of a lifetime from diamond engagement ring to wedding bands crafted by b'LiTZ are to withstand the test of time.

We would love to witness each of the most dazzling moments in your life turning into eternity because moments are forever, so are b'LiTZ.
Every love story is unique and special thus only the finest hand-selected b'LiTZ Diamond professionally and responsibly sourced by our gemologist possess the ineffable sparkle and fire to represent the indescribable moments in your life. All b'LiTZ Diamond are graded by the world's leading authority and independent non-profitable lab founded in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to protect buyers interests. Each diamond engagement ring can be fully customized and set in bespoke platinum, rose gold, yellow gold or white gold designs that make an everlasting and irreplaceable statement.
Our exclusively and highly customizable wedding band that symbolizes dedication and never-ending passion is able harness every single moment from the day you met till forever. In b'LiTZ you can craft and create your very own perfect moment with our exclusives wedding bands.
Moments are forever, so are b'LiTZ.
Celebrating Moments